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To read the website of the "Festivalclaye" Choir in French,
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Welcome on the website of
    Festival "Musiques du Monde"






9th Claye-Souilly Music Festival



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    General display

of the Festival "Musiques du Monde"

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If you wish to participate in the    

Festival "Musiques du Monde" - Claye-Souilly

near Paris


in 2015 - 2016 or 2017


click  HERE






The city of Claye-Souilly




General Information






Choir and groups
in Claye-Souilly


given abroad




      Festival "Musiques du Monde"  

In the spring of 2006, the Claye-Souilly Music Festival was created

in order to widen the scope of our city’s cultural ambitions and to establish it

as an important musical magnet for all artists in the field.


Every year, the Festival is intended to gather prestigious band performers,

orchestras and choirs with the following aims:


          *  offering high-quality entertainment and listening to our regional audiences;

          *  bringing ‘classical’ music to the understanding and enjoyment of all;

          * becoming a reference for high-level musical and choral performance.

 9th Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2014
8th Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2013
7th Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2012
6th Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2011
5th Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2010
4th. Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2009
3th. Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2008
2nd. Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2007
1st. Claye-Souilly Music Festival 2006



The Choir "Odyssées"of Festival "Musiques du Monde" 
is available
for tours and concerts in
or abroad.
It is also willing to host and welcome
any other orchestra, band or choir
interested in performing at the
    Festival "Musiques du Monde"
or within the framework of an exchange programme.


Please contact us at :
Tél. (33) 6
84 66 99 40

Thank you

Our Partners  : click  HERE

Our Friends  : click  HERE


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10 novembre 2008 1 10 /11 /novembre /2008 11:18

   General information  

The information below concerns the Choir " Claye Vocale "
and the Choir "Odyssées"
which took its succession in 2010



Marie-Hélène Caspar
President of the choir


 Choir "Odyssées" of the "Claye-Souilly Music Festival" 
Head office : Town Hall - Claye-Souilly (France) 

President : Marie-Hélène Caspar  
Vice-President : Martine Deschamps
Treasurer : Annie Desmet 
Treasurer adj. :  Jean-François Ligner
Secretary : Jacqueline Leduc
Choirmaster : Marie-Hélène Caspar
Choirmaster adj. Christine Tweedly
Contact : Phone and Fax : +33 (0) 1 60 26 13 53
E-mail :  
Links :   

Blog of the "Odyssées" choir of the "Claye-Souilly Music Festival"
(in french) : festivalclaye.fr/

The Choir Presidents 
Marie-Claude CROISY (1984  - 1988)
Jean-Pierre ZABALIA (1988 - 1993)
Daniel BRUGERE (1993 - 1999)
Christiane COURNILLE (1999 - 2004)
Daniel BRUGERE (2004 - 2008)
Christiane COURNILLE (2008 - 2009)
Martine DESCHAMPS (2009 - 2010)
Marie-Hélène CASPAR (2010 - 2015)
Joël CHOPPE (2015 -         )

The choir accompanists 
Flute : Philippe CABOS (1994)
Panpipes : Patrice BARRE (1993)
Guitar : Luc GINOT (1994), Jean-Claude DESSERRE (1994, 1996)
Harpe : Martine JACOTIN (1999)
Oboe : Thomas BIGEAULT (1994)
Lute : Kléber BESSON (2001, 2004)
Organ : Jean-Jacques DONZE (1990, 1996), Jean-Paul GIPON (1991), Valéry AUBERTIN (1992), Françoise MENGHINI (1992), Jacques MALAVERGNE (1997), Joris SAUQUET (2000), Domenico SEVERIN (2007), Olivier MAINGUY (2007), Harumi KINOSHITA (2007), Elise FRIOT
Cello : Jean-Baptiste GORAIEB (1996), Guillaume JACOTIN (1999), Anne TIXIER (1989, 1990), Lucille KILLIAN (1999), Caroline FARE-RABOT, Li GUO (2008).
String quartet Wiener : Frantz Wiener (cello), Cécile Wiener (violin), Isabelle FRALIN (viola), Olivier CAZABAN (contrabass) (1999)
Brass quintet : Brice PICHARD (trumpet), Jean-David (2008)
Piano : Pierre CASPAR (1987, 1989), Claire DOUÇOT (1989), Christian LACROUTS (1989), Hervé LIAUME (1988), Brigitte LORDAT (1989), Chantal HASQUENOPH (since 1991), Françoise MENGHINI (1993), Pierre-Michel KUSS (2003)
Trombone : Jean-Marc BEUVE (2007), Olivier BOURLON (2007), Sylvain MEAR (2007)
Timpani : Maxime CARON (2007, 2008)
Horn : David RANDON et Daniel CATALANOTTI (2008)
Trumpet : Marc BAUER (2000), Fabrice DUPRAY (2007), Christophe SOULEILLET (2007)
Violin : Taiping WANG (2008)
Cello : Jean-Baptiste GORAIEB (1996, Guillaume JACOTIN (1999), Anne TIXIER (1989, 1990), Lucille KILLIAN (1999), Caroline FARE-RABOT and Li GUO (2008)
Wiener string quartet : Frantz Wiener (cello), Cécile Wiener (violin), Isabelle FRALIN (alto), Olivier CAZABAN (contrabass) (1999)
Brass quintet  Brice PICHARD (trumpet), Jean-David SOUSA (trumpet), Aurélien DREAN (trombone), Stéphane GABIN (trombone), Gabriel BENLOLO (timpani)  (1997)

Eolia quintet : Jean-Baptiste ARNOLD, Carole LAVECOT, Eric MERCIER, Brice PICHARD, Stéphane ROULLIER
Kroma quintet : Haïk DAVTIAN (violin), Téona KARADZE (violin), Jérome DUCHEMIN (viola), Franck CHOUKROUN (cello), Véronique GAUTHERON (contrabass)  (2001)


(Chelles) : conductor Patrick Marie AUBERT (1996)
Festival du Pays Briard : conductor Térence WATERHOUSE (1997), Jean-Claude VINCENT (1997, 1998,
Brass quintet Eterna (2008)
Ensemble orchestral Kroma :  conductor Haïk DAVTIAN (2004)
Ensemble Naïri : conductor Haïk DAVTIAN (2006)
Los Calchakis :  Misa criolla (2002, 2008).
Orchestra of Claye-Souilly International Music Festival : conductor Fabrice CHOLLET (2008)  

Soprani : Annie BOHU (1996), Véronique RILHAC (since 1996), Catherine NAPOLI (1998, 2007), Joëlle BALESTIER (1999, 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008), Nathalie Patard (2007, 2008)
Alti : Helma WARUM (1998)
Barytones : Pierre MERVANT (1995), Luc LAMBERT (1996), Vincent BILLIER (2004), Georges PALCU (2005), Arnaud MASCLET (2006, 2008), Fabrice DUPRAY (2007), Florin DEMIT (2008)
Tenors : Roland DENNERY (1997, 1998), Christian BORIE (1998),
               Didier Roussel (2001). 

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10 novembre 2007 6 10 /11 /novembre /2007 10:41

  Claye-Souilly : 
 a small city with assets

Claye-Souilly enjoys a number of key advantages :
Paris itself, Roissy airport and the EuroDisney®  resort are all within close reach, high-speed trains are available from the nearby TGV stations at both Roissy and Chessy - while motorways and the ‘RER’ rapid transit train service provide full local links. It is also a leafy district, a city with living and cultural standards above the national average


A protected environment

Claye-Souilly stands for quiet living on the outskirts of Paris; its streets, squares and public buildings are all neatly kept thanks to significant local council expenditure on flowers, trees and parks - efforts resulting in the award of a third ‘flower emblem’, one of the higher distinctions in the yearly league table of France’s competing ‘flowered cities’.


Economic vibrancy

On top of its growing business park, Claye-Souilly also hosts
France’s largest ‘Decathlon’ sporting goods store and one of the largest ‘Carrefour’ hypermarkets. A number of very dynamic companies – such as Wabco, DAF, TCRMA, Cultura…etc. – have equally selected it for head-office or retail implantations.


Cultural vibrancy

The city owns a wide array of cultural infrastructures (a local theatre, a media library, a music and ballet conservatory), together with high-quality sporting venues (swimming pool, stadium, tennis courts, bowling green, equestrian sport centre…etc.). Its citizens can also rely on the very dense network of local unions, academies and associations.

The Music Festival of Claye-Souilly allows to receive every year, groups, choirs, orchestras and prestigious artists from the whole world.....

To find more about Claye-Souilly, just click HERE




  Photos supplied by the service « Communication » of the city of Claye-Souilly








The choir "Odyssées"  wish to express warm thanks to our Deputy and Mayor, Mr. Yves Albarello, whose unfailing support - from the very beginning - has helped to foster all initiatives from the "Odyssées" Choir, including the  Music Festival.

Equal thanks are due to all municipal teams in charge of Arts & Culture (Olivier Gilles and Francine Guillard in particular) and council PR (Cécile Pennaneach and Marion Penez).


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10 novembre 2006 5 10 /11 /novembre /2006 10:47


The Claye Vocale Choir was founded in 1984 in Claye Souilly, a small town east of Paris (France). Marie-Hélène Caspar has directed the choir since 1986. Composed of about 60 mixed voices, the choir has participated in international choral gatherings in France and abroad. It has had the opportunity to sing with prestigious Directors : Jean-Walter Audoli (Mozart's Coronation Mass), Patrick-Marie Aubert (Fauré Requiem), Terence Waterhouse (Vivaldi's Magnificat) and in 1997 and 1998, Jean-Claude Vincent for the "Festival du Pays Briard". -

The choir has a varied musical repertoire, from the Renaissance to the 20th century, with a preference for orthodox liturgy and sacred music from the 19th century.

Since 1991 the choir has hosted in Claye Souilly a number of french and foreign choral groups, including the Springfield Chorale from Washington DC, the Choir of the Radio and Television from Mongolie (China),  the Shanghai National Orchestra ....

It has given concerts in Cologne (Germany), Soave (Italy), Bornem and Bruges (Belgium), Targovişte and Bucarest (Romania), Prague and Litomyšl (Czech Republic), Springfield (USA) as well as in Luxemburg and in Castricum (The Netherlands), St-Petersburg (Russia), in Shanghai (China) ....

The choir " Claye Vocale " was dissolved on November 30th, 2009.

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10 novembre 2004 3 10 /11 /novembre /2004 11:01

           Marie-Hélène CASPAR -  choirmaster          

Ph.D of Arts, Professor Emeritus – has taught contemporary Italian literature and civilisation for 35 years in Paris X University. A specialist of the Italian writer Dino Buzzati, she has also published many books and articles on 20th  century Italian writers and supervised a seminar and a journal on the Italian contemporary novel.

In the musical field, Marie-Hélène Caspar attended Janine Tavernier’s classes in Claye-Souilly music conservatory and became a choirmaster under Philippe Caillard’s tutoring. She has been at the head of the Claye Vocale choir since 1986.

Under her direction, the Claye-Souilly choir has achieved international standards that have enabled them to perform in France and abroad, touring different continents in countries like Canada, Central Europe, Germany, Italy, China, Great-Britain, Russia Tunisia, the USA etc. In August 2006, the Claye Vocale choir took part in the prestigious choir festival ‘The Singing World’ in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Marie-Hélène Caspar supervises the International Music Festival of Claye-Souilly that she created in 2006 with the local authorities.


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10 novembre 2003 1 10 /11 /novembre /2003 11:08


Hymns, masses : Gaude, Mater Polonia (anonyme), Dio vi salvi Regina (Corse), Psaume 103 (liturgie hébraïque), Adieu des bergers à la Sainte Famille (H. Berlioz), Ave Maria (G. Caccini, F. Engelhart, T. Rougié), Requiem et Cantique de Jean Racine (G. Fauré), Gallia, Messe aux chapelles (Ch. Gounod), Messe en ut (A. Gramente), O quam tristis, Panis angelicus, Psaume 150 (C. Franck), Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo (J. Haydn), Alleluia (G. F. Haendel), Stabat mater (Kodály), Messa di gloria (G. Puccini), Misa criolla (A. Ramirez), Magnificat (A. Vivaldi).

Orthodox liturgy : Dostoino iest (anonyme), Pater noster (N. Kedroff), Slava V Vychnih Bogou (Strokine), S' Nami Bog (anonyme), Tebe Poem (D. Bortnianski et P. I. Tchaïkovski).
Gospels, negro spirituals: Amazing Grace, Deep River, Free at Last, Keep your Lamps, Kumbaya, Soon A Will Be Done, Rock My Soul, The Storm is passing over, We Shall Overcome, Were you there.

Songs of the Renaissance period : Alta Trinità beata (anonyme), Ay linda amiga, Tourdion (anonyme), Regina coeli (G. Aichinger), Pavane (T. Arbeau), La, la, la, je ne l'ose dire (P. Certon), Je vois de glissantes eaux (G. Costeley), Ce moy de mai (C. Janequin), Mon c?ur se recommande à vous (R. de Lassus), Gaillarde (C. Gervaise), Tant que vivrai (C. de Sermisy), So ben mi ch'a bon tempo (O. Vecchi).

17th and 18th century music : Cantate 184, Jesus bleibet meine Freude (J. S. Bach), I cieli immensi narrano (B. Marcello), Ave verum, Laudate Dominum, Nocturnes (W. A. Mozart), Come Ye Sons of Art, Funérailles de la Reine Mary (H. Purcell).

19th century music : Wiegenlied, La rivière dans la vallée, Le ménétrier (J. Brahms), Locus iste, Pange lingua, Tantum ergo (A. Bruckner), Barcarolle des contes d'Hoffmann, Le jugement de Pâris (La Belle Hélène, J. Offenbach), Salve regina, Heilig (Deutsche Messe) (F. Schubert), Choeur des esclaves (G. Verdi), Choeur des pèlerins (Tannhaüser, R. Wagner).

20th century music : O fortuna (Carmina burana, C. Orff), Exsultate justi (J. Williams), I 'm dreaming of home (Ph. Rombi)

Folksongs :
: Partons la mer est belle, Ave, maris stella ; South Africa : South Africa  ; South América : El condor pasa, La Sandunga ; Croatia: Moja diridika, Vuprem oci ; Spain : Eres tu ;  U.S.A : Le bleu de l'été, Nous marchons dans le ciel, Verte campagne, What a Wonderful World ; France : Anachroniques, les saltimbanques, Complainte de Mandrin, Don Leon, File la laine, Maitea nun zira (Pays basque), Méli mélo, Nous irons à Valparaiso ; Ireland : Oh ! Arranmore ! ; Italy : La sacra spina, Signore delle cime, Gerusalemme (B. De Marzi), La domenica andando alla messa, Belle rose du printemps, Les plaisirs sont doux ; Jamaïca : Jamaïca Farewell; Wales : David of the white rock ; Czech Republic: Prière des frères moraves, Tancuy.

Christmas songs : Douce nuit (R. P. Barjon), Noël de la Marche des Rois (G. Bizet), Minuit, chrétiens (F. Brun), Jubilemus, exultemus (F. Couperin), Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris, Pâtres vaguant dans les montagnes (F. A. Gevaert), Noël (M. Praetorius), 3 choeurs de l'Oratorio de Noël (C. Saint-Saëns), Jingle bell ; noël chilien : Señora Doña Maria, noël tchèque : Pujdem spolu, noëls ukrainiens : Spé issoussè spé, Nova radis stala, Adeste fideles (J. F. Wade). 

You may listen to samples on the  "Claye Vocale",
click Here 

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1 janvier 2003 3 01 /01 /janvier /2003 14:50



 Extracts of recordings of the Chorus

" Claye Vocale " and "Odyssées"
Clic on the icon  Download  in front of chosen extract then on "enregistrer" then "ouvrir"  


Ave Maria (Giulio Caccini)                                           Download                       3 min. 17 sec - MP3       

Choeur "Odyssées" - Quintette Eterna
Soliste : Sanaé Rodière - soprano


Gloria (Christmas Oratorio, C. St-Saëns)
From the Christmas CD, with the Khroma Quintet
Download 39sec - 385kb - MP3
Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris (F.A. Geveart)
From the Christmas CD
Download 47sec - 464kb - MP3
Requiem (Gabriel Fauré), Agnus Dei
(With the "Chorale du Collège de Vaires" and
the Divertimento Ensemble)
Download 45sec - 444kb - MP3
Mon Coeur se recommande à vous
(R. de Lassus, C. Marot)
Download 43sec - 428kb - MP3
Moja diridika
Download 30sec - 297kb - MP3
Dostoino iest
(Serbian song)
Download 42sec - 416kb - MP3
Vuprem oci
Download 49sec - 485kb - MP3
Cantique de Jean Racine (G. Fauré)
(With the "Chorale du Collège de Vaires" and
the Divertimento Ensemble)
Download 41sec - 406kb - MP3



Recording of the Choir "Odyssées"

with the Quintet "Eterna"


Listen to 3 songs interpreted by the Choir "Odyssées:

Jesus bleibet meine Freude de J.S. Bach

Ave Maria de G. Caccini

Ave Verum Corpus de W.A. Mozart

Click Here 

then on the "Eternal" entitled CD and on the anthologies










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10 novembre 2002 7 10 /11 /novembre /2002 11:11


 Foreign guest choirs and groups  
        performing in Claye-Souilly     

June 1992 :  Choir St Norbert from Cologne-Dellbrück (Germany)

November 1993 : Choir Praetorius Gezelshap et "Quintette de flûtes" « La Capriola » from Bornem (Belgium)

April 1994 : Choir « Città di Soave » from Soave (Italy).

November 1994 :   Choir Vlastimil from Litomysl (Czech Republic)

June 1995 :  Ensemble « Pro Musica » from Târgoviste (Romania)

July 1999 : Choir of Springfield (Virginia - U.S.A). Site : www.springfieldchorale.org

October 1999 : Choir « Sainte-Cécile » from Walferdange (Luxemburg)

April 2000 : Choir "Città di Soave" from Soave (Italy)

November 2000 : Ensemble vocal "Klapa Sufit" from Split (Croatia)  Site :  www.sufit.hr

June 2001
:  Choir « La Lyre » from Budapest (Ungaria)

January 2002 :  Choir « Frauenchor » from Constance (Germany)

March 2002 : « Grand Choeur de l'Opéra d'Etat Moussorgsky » from Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

June 2002
: Choir from Springfield (Virginia - U.S.A)

November 2002 : Choir « Toonbeeldkoor » from Castricum (The Nederland)

January 2003 : Chorvereinigung from Salzbourg (Austria).  
                      Coral Agora from Segovia (Spain) Site :  www.coralagora.com

June 2003
:   Schola Cantorum from Krakow (Polska)

January 2004
 Corale polifonica Angelicus from Salerno (Italy) 
                      Coro de Las Aulas de tercera edad from Vitoria (Spain)

July 2004  :  Groupe vocal « Atmosphère » from Beauport (Quebec, Canada)   
                      Site : 

March 2005
: Collegium Cantorum Nicolae Oancea from Bucarest (Romania)          
Festival 2006
March 2006Men choir South Woodham Ferrers (England). 
         Site : 

                                       March 2006 - Ensemble Subboteya from Saint-Peterburg (Russia)  

December 2006 : Brugs Mannenkoor from Bruges (Belgium) M

March 2007 : « Klapa Sufit » ensemble from Split (Croatia)

May 2007
: Choir of the Radio and Television from Mongolie (China)


December 2007 : Youth Tavrida Choir (Simféropol - Ukraine)

February 2008 : The Shanghai National Orchestra



December 2008 :
  Coral Santa Lucia from  Llodio (Spain)




December 2010 - The Choir "La Voix d'Antan" from Byblos (Lebanon) 



      April 2011 - Choir of young "Epilogi" from Limassol (Cyprus)


Festival 2011


      April 2011 - Karlshamn's Chamber Choir" from Karlshamn (Sweden) Photo 2


Festival 2011


      April 2011 - Choir "Cantica" from Nurmijarvi (Finland) 

photo finlandais-copie-1

Festival 2011


      April 2011 - Choro "Santa Cecilia" from Torre del Greco (Italy)SANTA-CECILIA-ITALIE.jpg


Festival 2012


June 2012 - Choir "Slavei" d'Harmani (Bulgaria)



Festival 2012


      June 2012 - Limerick Choral Union" from Limerick (Ireland)   



Festival 2012


      June 2012 - Choir "Chapel" from Koursk (Russia)




"December 2012 - "Choeur de Crimée" from Simferopol (Ukraine)




Festival 2013


      January 2013 - Choir "Città di Soave" (Italy)  CITTA-DI-SOAVE-copie-2.jpg


Festival 2013


      January 2013 - Choir "Tavri" from Simferopol (Ukraine)




      Oktober 2013 - Choir "Sunniva" (Finland)    





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10 novembre 2001 6 10 /11 /novembre /2001 11:24

   Concerts given abroad  

     The "Claye Vocale" Choir      
performing in
Notre-Dame de Kazan
(Russia)  - August 2006

May 1991
: Cologne (Germany)

June 1993
: Soave (Italy)

May 1994
: Bucarest, Targoviste (Roumania)

August 1996
: Prague, Litomysl, Kraliky (Czech Republic)

September 1998
: Walferdange (Luxembourg)

May 1999
: Soave (Italy)

April 2001
: Springfield and Staunton (Virginie), Gettysburg (Pennsylvanie), Vienna (Virginie) (U.S.A.)

Décember 2001
: Castricum (Nederland)

May 2002
: Budapest (Hungary)

August 2003
: Québec, Rimouski (Quebec, Canada), Bathurst (New Brunswick, Canada)

May 2005
: Cracovie, Wieliczka (Poland)

June 2005
: Arcole, Lonigo, Soave, Breganze (Italy)

April 2006
: Sibiu, Bucarest (Roumania)

August 2006
: Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

May 2007 : Chelmsford (England)

May 2008
: Carthage (Tunisia)

November 2008
: Bruges (Belgium)

April 2009 

Jiaxing (China)
Zhenzhou (China)


Cyprus - october 2010




 Spain (Basque country) - june 2011





Lebanon - october 2011 MUSEE-BEYROUTH-HUYGHE.JPG


Bulgaria - may 2013



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10 novembre 2000 5 10 /11 /novembre /2000 11:31



"Claye Vocale" Choir - "Tutte Voci" Choir- Ensemble Naïri (2004)
- Spendiarov (Etudes symphoniques, Etudes sur des thèmes juifs) - Baghdassarian (Nocturne pour alto et orchestre), Puccini
(Messa di gloria)

"Claye Vocale" Choir - Khroma quintet (2002) - Christmas songs - Douce nuit, Noël (Praetorius) - 2 Noëls (F. A. Gevaert) - Adeste fideles, Jingle bells - Panis angelicus (C. Franck) - Noël de la Marche des Rois (G. Bizet) - Minuit, chrétiens (A. Adam), 3 choeurs de l'Oratorio de Noël (C. St-Saëns) - Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo (J. Haydn) - 3 petites suites russes (Khroma quintet).
"Claye Vocale" Choir (1999) -  Orthodox liturgy: Slava Vychnih Bogou, Dostoino iest, Pater noster, S'nami Bog; Ch. Gounod : Gallia; A. Vivaldi : Magnificat; G. Fauré : Requiem (Extracts).

"Claye Vocale" Choir - Choir of " The Collège de Vaires" (1996) - C. Saint-Saëns : Concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre (opus 33); J. - S Bach : Deuxième suite pour violoncelle solo. Sarabande; G. Fauré : Cantique de Jean Racine, Requiem . . . . .

Concert performed
by the choir “Claye Vocale”
in Carthage (Tunisia)

May 9th, 2008


                 For more information or to order, contact :   mh.caspar@wanadoo.fr  

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